Warhammer 40K Goes LEGO in Epic Battle Build

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Veteran builder Jerac has completed a Warhammer 40K diorama that’ll make you wish the franchise would ditch mini-figures and take a turn toward LEGO town.

Warhammer 40K is somewhat infamous for being among the most expensive tabletop games you could possibly get into. Even ignoring some of the more expensive units, building an army is a proposition that’s going to cost you a pretty penny. The price tags can get so hefty that you almost have to wonder why the game’s many players don’t just build their armies out of LEGO brick?

If that idea rolls your eyes, you may want to stop and take a gander at the recent work of Jerac, who you may also recall as the man behind an excellent LEGO Star Destroyer model. Jerac, who has devoted his time in the past to recreating Warhammer 40K units, recently put together a full-fledged diorama depicting a battle between opposing LEGO-fied armies. Among the units featured in the build are Land Raider and Predator tanks, a Dreadnaught, an Ork Killa Kan as well as a mess of Assault and Space Marines that we’re assuming all cost less to build than they would have to buy officially from Games Workshop.

Setting aside all the price stuff however, it’s just hard not to be impressed by the clear amount of work and attention to detail that was put into this build. It doesn’t just look like a bunch of LEGO Warhammaer 40K units standing around. It looks like an actual battlefield. If nothing else, it’s had the unfortunate effect of making us wish these were actual LEGO sets we could buy and bring home to build for ourselves. Take a look at it and let us know what you think.

Source: Kotaku

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