Warner Bros Forms DC Entertainment


Warner Bros has founded a new company dedicated to expanding the reach of DC properties in games, movies and more.

These days a good majority of the people who know who Batman is and like Batman more than likely haven’t read a single page of the past or current Batman comics. There are TV shows, games and movies to enjoy nowadays that don’t involve needing to slink down to a dingy comics shop or, even worse, actually read. So it makes sense that Warner Bros has founded a new company dedicated solely to pushing DC’s stable of characters in everything but comic book form.

DC Entertainment, as the company is called, will be run by president Diane Nelson, whose previous work includes serving as president of Warner Premiere and running the Harry Potter brand for the WB, a no doubt hefty responsibility she’ll retain even as she sees over the future of Batman, Superman and the like.

“It’s no secret that DC has myriad rich and untapped possibilities from its deep library of iconic and lesser-known characters,” Warner Bros. president & COO Alan Horn said. “While we’ve had great success in films and television, the formation of DC Entertainment will help us to bring more DC properties across additional platforms to fans around the world, while maintaining brand integrity and authenticity.”

Obviously videogames will play a major role in DC Entertainment’s business. I can’t imagine it not, considering the phenomenal success of the recently released Batman: Arkham Asylum, which garnered great reviews and, moreover, fantastic sales, reportedly having sold somewhere around two million copies since launch already.

[Via Edge-Online]

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