The game isn’t even out, but Brian Curtin’s ahead of the curve with his latest movie.

“I never thought we would do a short film on a game that is yet to be released,” filmmaker Brian Curtin admits. “Hopefully we did it justice without knowing the depths of the game, but making it up was half the fun.” Watching it’s the other half. The fight scene’s pretty excellent, but this one captures the feel of those early trailers, adding just enough atmosphere to draw you in further.

For those of you who’ve been hiding under a rock these last few months: Watch Dogs, a near-future dystopian cyberpunk adventure, has you, as Aiden, using fists and wit – mostly fists, this time out – against Chicago’s powers that be. When Ubisoft announced its delay last month, Ubisoft’s shares fell through the floor, and at time of writing haven’t really recovered; share price dropped from €11.09 to €8.01, and currently stand at something around the €9.55 mark. There still isn’t a confirmed release date for this title; spring 2014 is the best Ubisoft’s prepared to do.

Curtin loved working on this one, and singles out lead actors Matthew Sumner and Annie Tee for high praise, as well as “a killer original soundtrack from Tatenda Zvarayi.” Want to know more? There’s a Facebook page over here.

Source: Infectious Designer YouTube

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