The advertising for Uncharted 3 just got very meta indeed.

Indiana Jones is one of the characters that made Harrison Ford a household name, and his adventures were one of the inspirations for the Uncharted games. It’s perhaps oddly fitting then, that Sony has hired Ford to appear in a Japanese commercial for Uncharted 3, which you can watch to below.

There’s also a behind-the-scenes video which shows Ford playing the game for around seven, non-consecutive minutes. The commercial itself seems a little stilted, but Ford seems to be genuinely enjoying himself in the behind-the-scenes footage. He praises the game’s graphics and says that it’s like actually being in a movie – something that he would know all about.

It’s not the most scintillating video in the world of course, because Ford is talking and gaming at the same time, which, as we all know, does not make for the best conversation in the world. Still, it’s great to such a recognizable figure being so positive about videogames, even if it is only a very specific one.

Uncharted 3 comes out for PS3 on November 1st.

Source: Kotaku

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