Watch John Marston Kill Zombies in the Red Dead: Undead Nightmare Teaser


Just in time for Halloween, John Marston fends off an undead swarm in this trailer for the Undead Nightmare DLC.

I was actually worried that Rockstar was just trying to cash in on the whole zombie thing. I can forgive Treyarch adding zombies to World at War or even to a Black Ops multiplayer mode. Hell, even the Borderlands DLC The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned made a certains bit of sense. But combining two very different genres like horror and Westerns just seems disingenuous and like a blatant grab for cash, especially since Red Dead nailed Westerns so perfectly.

On the other hand, if you were going to release an undead-themed DLC, you couldn’t find a better month than October. And you know what? If it’s fun to kill zombies using Red Dead‘s shooting mechanics, and it probably is, then who cares about historical accuracy? You’ll have to watch the teaser trailer below and decide for yourself.

Because Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare are rated M, you have to go through an age gate to view the trailer.


Click Here to watch Rockstar’s official teaser trailer for Undead Nightmare.

Earlier quest-givers from the main Red Dead Redemption storyline figure prominently in the teaser. It looks like Marston is reunited with Bonnie MacFarlane to help defend her ranch, and there is a quick shot of the very much alive Leigh Johnson, the Marshal of Armadillo.

The zombie infestation isn’t restricted to humans, there are undead horses, dogs … and dear god, is that a zombie bear?

Yeah, I think this looks interesting.

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