Watch: New Super Mario Maker Trailer Invokes Nostalgia

super mario maker e3 13

Nintendo harnesses the power of the past I’m the new Super Mario Maker trailer.

“You think you know Mario?”

In the new Super Mario Maker trailer, Nintendo wants to stress that nostalgia is not just being used to market the game: nostalgia is the game. The trailer focuses on all of the ways in which you can create and manipulate beloved classic Mario levels.

Nintendo likely expects (hopes?) that Super Mario Maker will be a big console seller for the underperforming Wii U. A console bundle was recently revealed by Nintendo of Europe that includes a black Wii U Premium console, a physical copy of Super Mario Maker, a Hardcover Artbook and a Classic Colours Mario amiibo from the Mario 30th Anniversary Collection.

Super Mario Maker arrives on Wii U on September 11.

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