Watch Robots Build Steam Controllers

Valve shows off fully automated facility

Valve has published a new video showing the assembly process for the Steam Controller, which is entirely automated, in a new post detailing the current status of the peripheral. Following a time lapse of the facility being built, the video shows steps in the process which goes from soldering base components to shrink wrapping a pallet of completed units for shipping without ever being touched by human hands.

Since its release last month, the Steam Controller has already seen a number of new features added to it, including a means of mapping trackpads to screen regions and a configurable hotkey menu system. The next version of the Steam beta client will introduce the capability to register a controller to an account, allowing custom configurations to travel with the controller and be used on any Steam device, regardless of what account is logged in. Support for sharing custom configurations will also be expanded to include non-Steam games.

Source: Valve

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