Watch Sega’s Captain America Kick Nazis in the Neck


Sega’s released a trailer for its upcoming Captain America game, which (unsurprisingly) features a lot of Nazi fighting.

Nobody was surprised to hear that Sega would be releasing a game based on the Captain America movie that’s due out next July. Now, the publisher has released a a trailer for the game that shows off some of Cap’s acrobatic skills and his fighting prowess. Sadly, no dancing sequences have yet to be featured.

Based on the footage shown, it’s hard to tell if the game looks, y’know, good. The graphics seem pretty basic, while the platforming and combat segments don’t really provide viewers with enough information to determine if they look like they’ll actually be fun. Also, it seems like only a small portion of one level of the game was really being featured, so it’ll be interesting to see just big and varied the game’s world turns out to be.

While Captain America has definitely gained a lot of popularity with comic readers over the past few years – thanks in large part to Ed Brubaker’s Eisner Award-nominated work on the comic series – he isn’t exactly as popular as Iron Man or Spider-Man, so exactly how big of a hit the movie (and, by extension, the game) will be when it comes out remains to be seen. Not only that, but the game faces the added challenge of being a Marvel movie tie-in from Sega, which have been mediocre-to-awful up to this point.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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