Watch the (Pants-Less) Original Xbox Live Promotion Video


Hearken back to the launch of the original Xbox Live, when online play on consoles was a novelty, when gamer stereotypes were edgy and totally in your face – and they didn’t wear pants, either.

Watch, young grasshopper, as an Asshole Gaming Stereotype named DarkMaster introduces us all to the wonders of Xbox Live. It is a world where you can play Acclaim’s Re-Volt against other people all over the world – while never having to leave your couch! Oh my god, guys, this is the most revolutionary and hardXXcore thing ever! (Fun fact: Re-Volt was a game used to beta test the service, but never actually came out on the Xbox.)

Anyway, the video is an amusing look back at how Microsoft originally promoted its Xbox Live service at the beginning of the decade, as the company prepares to pull the plug once and for all. It’s funny to see these things promoted as groundbreaking features – like voice-chat mute, for example – that we’ve come to hold as absolutely necessary to the experience.

We’ve gotten rid of that “over-enthusiastic, hard-core, in-your-face, edgy” gamer stereotype since then, right? Please tell me we’ve gotten rid of it.

However, I wasn’t really aware that “doesn’t like to wear pants” was ever part of the mainstream gamer stereotype. Seriously – DarkMaster is in his boxers pretty much the entire movie, and it’s rather distracting.

(Via G4TV)

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