Watch: Vega Announced for Street Fighter 5


The beautiful Spanish ninja Vega has been announced for the Street Fighter V lineup.

Capcom has confirmed Vega for Street Fighter V, making him the ninth confirmed character of a roster of 16 playable characters.

First introduced in Street Fighter II, Vega, who believes he is the very definition of beautiful perfection, wears a mask during battle in order to protect his face.

“Vega returns to Street Fighter V with a brand new look and new tricks up his frilly sleeves. Possessing his trademark speed and quickness, Vega now has access to two distinct fighting modes: with claw and without claw,” a blog post on reads. “That’s right, he now has the ability to sheathe his claw during battle in exchange for new moves, such as a command grab, as well as new attack properties, greatly changing the way he approaches each fight.”

Once the claw is knocked off, it’s gone – so you’d better learn how to fight with him without it. Vega’s V-Skill is the Matador Turn, which allows Vega to quickly dodge an attack, and choose whether to launch a quick counterattack that knocks them down or not. His V-Target is the Bloody Kiss, where Vega throws a rose, at high velocity, towards an opponent. If it hits his opponent, he charges and “delivers a series of brutal slashes that devastate the enemy.”

Street Fighter V launches for PlayStation and PC in Spring 2016, and will feature free to earn DLC’s.

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