Way Hay and Up the Dishonored E3 Trailer Rises


E3 isn’t here yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look at the E3 trailer for Dishonored right here and now.

I suppose you can’t blame Corvo for having a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Being framed for the murder of the empress, tossed into the dungeon and then turned into a supernatural assassin can have that effect on a guy. Full credit to him for doing his best to work through it, though. This is a man who’s clearly not afraid to embrace his anger issues.

A lot of dudes get stabbed in this Dishonored E3 gameplay trailer and that’s fine by me, but what I really dig is the setting. Arkane is pretty good at building highly explorable game worlds – Dark Messiah was far more linear than Arx Fatalis, but was presented so well that you’d hardly notice – and with the muscle of ZeniMax behind it and the input of Half-Life 2 veteran Viktor Antonov as visual design director, the potential for Dishonored to achieve great things is very high.

The open world stealth-action game Dishonored comes out on October 9 in North America and October 12 in Europe for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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