Wayne Brady plays a protective father and lover of Wii Party U in a series of Nintendo advertisements.

Best known from the improv comedy TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Wayne Brady is featured in three Nintendo advertisements for the company uploaded on YouTube today.

The first video (shown to the right) opens with two children playing a baseball game on Wii Party U with the GamePad. After what Brady believes is suspicious talk of “first base,” Brady jumps in as an overprotective father just to hang out with his daughter’s friend to play foosball, leaving his daughter to give him the “Really, Dad?” look.

Wayne Brady’s character in the second video is obsessed with Wii Party U, inviting a friend over to his “mancave” to play the game throughout the night. Brady doesn’t take those games lightly, and the two set off for the rest of the night trying to beat each other in various minigames. By the next morning, his friend has quit his job and moves in with Brady. Take heed: Wayne Brady and Nintendo want to get you addicted to minigames.

In the third, Brady raps “Wii Party U (What We Do)” in homage to the way the game brings families together. The rap addresses button mashing, some specific minigames, and how the game made the other family less “corny.” It’s not at the same level of the improv songs in Whose Line Is It Anyway?, but it looks like Wayne Brady and some of the actors had a fun time with it.

Now if we only could film the Whose Line cast playing games against each other…

Source: YouTube

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