In this week’s festive edition, Ubisoft encourages Renaissance hit men to get stab-happy, and Tron Guy is barred from showing his love for Tron.


New Map Coming for AC: Brotherhood Once Stabbing Quota Reached

Ubisoft has a new multiplayer map ready to go for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, but players won’t get to play on it until they accumulate 25 million kills. The current kill count stands at around 2.5 million, but thankfully for all you eager assassins, that total is shared between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game. If everyone pulls together you’ll be chasing each other down and shanking each other in the kidneys in no time. (Link)


Tron Guy Barred From Wearing Costume to the Movies

When you’re known all over the world as Tron Guy, it makes a pretty clear statement about your love for Tron. Sadly, Tron Guy’s – whose real name is Jay Maynard – local movie theater wasn’t especially keen on letting him express that love, and barred him from attending a showing of Tron: Legacy in his homemade costume. The theater didn’t go into detail about why they wouldn’t let Maynard see the movie in costume, but he believes they thought it would be too distracting for other people. (Link)


British Move Ad Axed for Being Too Violent

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has banned an advert for the PlayStation Move after deciding that it was too violent to be used. The ad depicts two men fighting, with one holding the other in a headlock, and preparing to punch him in the face. The ad received only eight complaints, but the ASA said that it didn’t play a “numbers game” and the ad was in violation of advertising codes regardless of how many complaints it had received. (Link)


Mod King Ben Heck Makes Extra-Rugged PS3

Ben Heck’s console laptops aren’t a new development, but his most recent work was put together with more than just portability in mind. Designed for a gaming couple working in Afghanistan as UAV pilots, Heck stuffed a PS3, screen, TV tuner, and a host of other goodies into a robust, heavy duty case. The finished product can withstand extreme temperatures, is watertight, and weighty enough to stun a horse. Hit the link for a video of how Heck put it together. (Link)


Man Accidentally Takes Loaded Gun Onto Plane

It was a comedy of potentially deadly errors at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas, as airport security failed to notice the loaded .40 caliber handgun in the carryon luggage of Farid Seif, a local businessman. Seif, who always carries a gun, had forgotten that he had it on him, and was mortified that no one had noticed it was in his bag. “There’s nothing else in there,” he told a local news outlet, “How can you miss it? You cannot miss it.” (Link)

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