Weekend Bookshelf: Dragon Age Comic #1


As part of WarCry’s ambition to meld games and books, we have brought on board a new reviewer, Bobby ‘Chilyn’ Travis. Working in partnership with Gamr, we’re pleased to bring you a review of the first Dragon Age comic that hit store shelves earlier this week. Read on!

Bioware and EA continue their quest to keep the Dragon Age series, considered by many to be the best fantasy RPG in 10 years, at the forefront of the minds of both new and locked-in fans. Their latest foray into expanding the Dragon Age universe (aside from the just released expansion Awakening), is the addition of the Dragon Age comic series, published by comics veterans IDW Publishing (Transformers, Doctor Who, G.I. Joe, Star Trek – the A-Team).

The new series, which will is now available in comics stores everywhere, is co-written by acclaimed fantasy and science fiction writer Orson Scott Card (Ender’s Game, Hidden Empire).

How well does it fit in with the rest of the series?

Readers are greeted immediately by the familiar locale of the Circle Tower in Ferelden and find the pages soon graced by the equally familiar character of Gregoir, leader of the Tower’s Templars. This somewhat younger version of the taciturn head mage-watchdog is, if it can be imagined, much less nice – and a sight more prejudiced as well. It is likely that Gregoir will be the first of many such character cameos and references in the issues to come, as they help connect and engage DA:O fans.

Head to Gamr to read the rest.

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