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Weekend Watch: Lucy, Hercules and the last airing of Korra


Scarlett Johansson’s Lucy goes head-to-head against The Rock’s Hercules, but can either trump the steady stream of announcements coming out of Comic-Con??

Though Comic-Con news will likely be dominating your weekend, there are a few gems on screen worth your time. So put down the Twitter feed and check out these weekend entertainment options.

In Theaters Now

Luc Besson, he of The Fifth Element, Nikita and The Professional directorial fame, is back with his latest ass-kicking lady-centric action flick. Lucy, starring Black Widow, uh, I mean Scarlett Johansson, hits theaters today. MovieBob has his own take on it that you can check out in his weekly Escape to the Movies video.

If you like your action to be more of the epic variety, The Rock graces the cineplex this weekend as none other than Hercules. Though the trailer isn’t selling it very well, imho, Rotten Tomatoes fans are giving it a slightly higher score than Lucy: 66% vs 61%. Interestingly, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is topping the reviews on the site at 91% and is still in theaters. If you want a short and amusing look at the history of Hercules movies, MovieBob has you covered there as well or head over to our weekly quiz and test your knowledge of the son of Zeus.

On TV this week

Legend of Korra continues tonight on Nick at 8/7c though the air schedule has abruptly changed this week. Instead of two new episodes this evening expect only one. Fans thought this meant the show was cancelled, but creator Brian Konietzko posted on his Tumblr blog on Wednesday that the rest of the series will be released online. And at their Comic-Con panel today, Brian and co-creator Mike DiMartino revealed that after tonight, the rest of the episodes will stream on with new episodes being released every Friday from August 1 – 22. What this means for the the next season (already in production) remains to be seen. If you need to catch up before tonight’s episode, check out our ongoing recaps of the current season.

Also new this week, Crossbones airs its last Friday show on NBC at 10/9c before moving to Saturday for its final two episodes. You can catch up on previous episodes on True Blood continues its campy, bloody, shocking final season on HBO Sunday at 9/8pm. Full episodes are only available online through the HBO Go app for viewers who already subscribe to HBO’s premium cable service.

What are you planning to watch this weekend? You know, other than the latest SDCC news like the announcement of the new season 5 cast members for Game of Thrones?

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