Fresh off its launch, Champions Online is already looking ahead to its first major content update: the occult-themed Blood Moon update set for release this October.

Between the Worgen in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, that new Twilight movie with its cadre of sexy lycanthropes coming out later this year and the surprisingly not awful trailer for the Wolfman remake, it seems that werewolves are the new zombies. Just-launched MMOG Champions Online is getting in on the action as well with its werewolf-filled first content update, the Halloween-bound Blood Moon.

Not that there aren’t zombies in Blood Moon, though. The story here goes that the superpowered world of Champions Online is being threatened by an supreme bad guy right out of the occult: the undead Takofanes. Takofanes, being the Undying Lord he is, has a whole crew of werewolves and zombies that he’s bringing along. The zombies, apparently, have overrun Canada, where players will have to battle them in PVP, with the twist being that if you die, you come back as a zombie.

Same goes for the dangers of fighting werewolves. You get bitten, you turn into one. Cryptic doesn’t really go into the specific mechanics behind these transformations, but I don’t really think they’ll last for very long. The werewolves do look pretty neat though, definitely more of the burly, fur-covered linebacker variety compared to the limber and lanky Worgen in WoW.

In addition to all the occult shenanigans going on, Blood Moon will also bring a new “Celestial Powerset” for players to tool around with. This will come in two varities – a healing set (the Seraphim) and an offensive branch (the Nephilim).

So that’s what’s up for Champions Online‘s future. What’s up for its present? I haven’t gotten a chance to dip my toes in its world yet, but for those of you who have, how’s the launch going?

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