Western Superheroes Drawn Dragon Ball Z-Style


Talented French artist Pierre-Marie Lenoir has made several “fusion” mash-ups of famous western superheroes and Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most iconic anime and manga series to come out of Japan. Infamous for its overly drawn-out fights and dramatic “power up sequences”, the anime also has a rather distinct art style. It’s this style that French artist Pierre-Marie Lenoir has used in his series of Superhero “fusions” – fusing famous western heroes with the DBZ anime art syle.

Check out Batman, Conan, Spiderman, Robin, and Wolverine below:

Those familiar with the anime will see the clear influences on each character: Spiderman is Tien, Robin is Gohan, Wolverine is Goku, Batman is Piccolo and Conan is Broly.

It’s a fantastic little gallery, and you can check out more of Lenoir’s work right here.

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