What Are You Doing, Pikachu?


Want to know what Koffing is doing right at this very second? Follow him on Twitter. While you’re at it, follow the other 492 Pokemon on the site, because they’re all using it.

Regardless of your opinions on the social media phenomenon that is Twitter, you have to admit that at least the fake Twitter accounts are often worth a laugh. The fake Cliffy B one, the fake Dalai Lama one, my fake Charles Barkley one. There are plenty of people out there using the service wholly for comedy, and apparently 493 of them are into Pokemon, because there are, literally, that many accounts for that many Pokemon.

David Cole, a web designer from San Francisco and Professor Oak on Twitter, has compiled a database of all these accounts, organizing them by activity and whether or not they tweet “in character.” Obviously, the ones in character are the funny ones.

What’s Koffing doing right now? “Cool I exploded,” he tweeted a couple hours ago. What’s that uber-adorable Mudkip up to? “Muuudkip kip muuuuud. Mudkip mud mud mudkip!” it says. Okay. How about Dugtrio, that weird Pokemon that’s just three heads poking out of the ground? Seems that it’s in need of booze money, and is taking commissions for earthquakes in order to fund its drinking.

Squirtle, meanwhile, is writing haiku.

[Via DarkZero]

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