This fan commercial imagines what things would have been like if League of Legends was a couple decades early.

So apparently this month everyone decided that 90s video game commercials were the best, and I have to agree. YouTube visaul effects trio Rizen Visual has taken it one step further, and made a fake 90s-style ad for Riot Game’s hugely popular MOBA, League of Legends. Check it out to the right.

It has everything a 90s video game commercial needs. Edgy lightning effects? Check. Calling someone a nerd? Check. Mom and dad “not understanding”? Check. You’d swear it was the real deal, and Rizen’s little touches, such as giving the whole thing that “old VHS feel” and the game being on a thousand floppy disks, really make it pop.

There’s also a few punches pulled at League‘s… less than friendly player-base. It’s a neat little video that fans of the game should appreciate.

Now, if only these guys would do more “90s-ified” video game commercials…

Source: YouTube

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