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What Is Conquest Mode in Marvel Snap Explained

what is Marvel Snap Conquest Mode explained ranks leagues competitive Proving Grounds, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Vibranium, and Infinite

If you’re a fan of Marvel Snap, the all-new Conquest Mode will give you a chance to prove your worth. No, it doesn’t throw the Marvel Zombies in there, though I’ve still got my fingers crossed for an Undead Apocalypse Mode. So if you’re wondering just what it is, here’s Conquest Mode in Marvel Snap explained.

How Conquest Mode Makes Marvel Snap Even More Competitive

This mode might sound like some expanded take on the main game where, as Doctor Doom or some other villain, you vie for control of the globe. However, that’s not what it is at all. Instead, Conquest Mode is a set of ranked battle leagues, and the conquest element comes from dominating a league.

You queue up to take on other players in Battle Mode battles, and while losing a battle doesn’t mean you get kicked off that series, winning without a loss earns you a ticket. That ticket can then be used to access higher leagues.

The leagues are as follows: Proving Grounds, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Vibranium, and Infinite. You start off in the Proving Grounds, but those tickets will let you play in other leagues. The ultimate accolade is to win the Infinite League.

Even if you don’t win, each victory earns you a medal that can be used in the Conquest Shop, where you can unlock cosmetics. One of these unlockables will be a seasonal variant that is only available through that shop.

So, gameplay is essentially the same as the main Marvel Snap game, but it’s your chance to prove you’re the very best, like no one ever was. That’s everything you need to know about Marvel Snap Conquest Mode explained.

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