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What Is r/place Reddit?

r/place Reddit is back, and it’s time to start placing your pixels! If that doesn’t mean a thing to you, don’t worry. But if you’ve got a Reddit account, or are prepared to register one, you can join in on a collaborative art effort / social experiment. So, if you want to know what r/place Reddit is, here’s the answer.

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Explaining What r/place Reddit Is All About

r/place Reddit is a yearly Reddit event whereby Reddit users, “Redditors,” come together to create a piece of art. There’s a single canvas, and provided you’ve got an account, you can place a single pixel.

If that’s all you want to do, just so you can say you got involved, that’s fine. But if you’re prepared to wait a few minutes, you can then place another pixel, and another. You can overwrite existing pixels, though it’s not polite to deliberately try to ruin someone else’s work.

But be warned, it may not be work-safe, so you should probably only get involved while you’re at home. If someone walks past and sees “F**K SPEZ” all over your screen, (Yes, that’s what some people have been writing, referring to the Reddit CEO.) they probably won’t be impressed.

When Does r/place Start?

r/place started on July 20 for 2023, and based on previous r/place events it should last for between three and four days. The admins for r/place could end it any time, however, so if you’re planning on getting involved, it’s better not to wait.

How to Place a Pixel on r/Place board

First of all, you’ll need a Reddit account, so if you’ve not got one you’ll have to create one. Then go to the r/place subreddit by clicking the link. Or if you’re already on Reddit, click on the small orange and white “P” at the top of the screen.

Next, click on the “Place Your Pixel” box. Now, use your mouse wheel to zoom in and drag with the left mouse button to move the piece around. When you’ve found where you want to put your pixel, left-click there. Select a color and hit the tick box. You’ve placed a pixel.

You’ll then see a countdown timer. When that timer has counted down, (It was five minutes for me.) you will be able to place another pixel. And then, after another countdown, you can place another.

If you’re puzzled as to what r/place Reddit is, that’s what you need to know.

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