Imagine, if you will, in a galaxy far, far away, a young jedi must travel back in time to ensure his father Anakin and his mother Miss Amidala fall in love.

Some mashups work, and some don’t, but French multimedia artist Thristy Bstrd has decided to meld Star Wars and back to the Future with some hilarious visual results.

The premise, from Thirsty Bstrd’s site, suggests that “Luke McFly is sent back in time in a time machine built by Doc “Obi-Wan” Brown. Luke, with the help of young Obi-Wan, must repair the damage to history caused between his parents Anakin McFly and Lauren Amidala.”

OK, now keep that thought in your head when viewing the following images:

The presentation is virtually flawless and I must admit that Natalie Portman in the Leah Thompson role works really well. And you have to chuckle at Sir Alec Guinness donning futuristic glasses to help a young Mark Hamill.

The artist has some other pretty clever features over on his site, including an “interview” with someone who worked at Dismaland for four weeks, and the Hollywood Vampires Drinking Binge Club. Check them out.

Source: Thirsty Bstrd blog

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