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Our writers have packed their bags and head cross-country to chronicle the ever-exciting annual E3 convention for the next few days. We’re always happy to tell you what we like, don’t like and can’t wait to purchase of all the games, movies and gadgets announced. We’d like to highlight another opinion this year, as well: Yours.

Check in here for regular updates on what you and your fellow Escapists are saying about this year’s E3. We’ll be pulling the wittiest, smartest and most honest user commentary from around the site and hosting it here all week for the world to see.

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Predictions About Microsoft:

They’ll start with Call of Duty, go over to show one or two interesting games, start talking about unimportant business stuff nobody cares about and new “awesome” Streaming features and partnerships nobody cares about, then everyone has to endure at least 30-40 Minutes of “amazing” Kinect games with child actors and the likes before they show some Halo stuff or some new game at the end…

I’m nigh on certain that there will be the now yearly big Call of Duty show-off for Microsoft, and they’ll attempt to show off the Kinect (with varying degrees of success depending on your own views on the device) and some random games.

My dream announcement would be a sequel to Sonic Generations but much bigger than the first one.
Andy Shandy

About Microsoft Touts Exclusive DLC Deals:

Nothing like talking about the DLC before the game is even out.

Everyone upset about Microsoft doing this, I have a question. If it was Sony instead of Microsoft, would you be calling Sony greedy, or calling them $ony?

Well, I do not have to shell out $200 for the Xbox, $60 for the game, and an additional $10 maybe more for the DLC.

I know it makes sense in terms of business, which is why they are announcing it before the DLC’s drop so that people who were on the fence will turn towards the Xbox, but in the end it is temporally denying me access to a product I want for the platform of my choice.

That is bad and that makes me sad and annoyed.

About Microsoft Wants You to Use What You’ve Got:

7 years and no mention of something new? I’m all for showing a bit of caution and I’d much rather prefer that Microsoft take more time to make things better than to hurriedly push something out. However, it wouldn’t hurt to get a little bit of a move-on Microsoft. You can wave all this stuff in our faces like sprinkles on a cake, but we need at least a bit of actual cake to make things satisfying and worthwhile.
Angry Camel

Good, keep your ancient tech mirosoft, you will only attract more people to the PC gaming.

As most people who game on computers will use a Windows computer I don’t think Microsoft will care
Evil Smurf

Predictions About Nintendo:

Money says Nintendo owns the show, they are the only ones with major new hardware so that’s what everybody’s going to be talking about.

If the gaming gods love us we might see Kingdom Hearts 3…

Predictions About Sony:

I want to see what’s happening with the Vita.

There needs to an announcement for a new Monster Hunter on the Vita.

There just has to be…
Daystar Clarion

About Nintendo Reveals Wii U Details:

The subtext here: “We’re still trying to get developers on board with this before we can speak in any real way to third-party offerings.”

I’m partly relieved and partly dismayed to hear that they’ll continue support for older controllers. As a customer, I was writing this console off entirely based on the price of console + 2 gamepads. I figured it would either be prohibitively expensive… or, if they were able to keep costs down, shoddy beyond belief.

The dismay comes in the aforementioned third-party offerings. If you make the big gimmick optional, most developers will opt out. Why spend my precious budget developing for a feature that only a small part of my audience will use? (See also: Wii motion controls, Kinect, PS Move) The only games that will use it will be games designed specifically to exploit its capabilities — which is to say “mostly first-party games, or casual third-party experimental titles.”

It’s a Catch-22 — Make it affordable and third-party friendly by making the gimmick optional, and you’ll ensure the gimmick dies a quiet death, thus draining the appeal from the new console. Make the gimmick the Big Star, and you drive up the baseline buy-in for your customers as well as potentially alienating many of those third-party developers, thus draining the appeal from the new console.

I’m curious to see how this will go, but there’s little to no chance I’ll buy it myself. I bought the Wii but all my favourite games on it (e.g. Xenoblade, Rune Factory, Brawl) work better with a classic controller or aren’t enhanced by the Wii’s gimmick. Heck, even some of the games that do use motion controls that I enjoy, like No More Heroes, wouldn’t be any worse without it. I can’t imagine these new gimmicks will enhance my experience in any way and I prefer the social part of my gaming to happen offline on a couch rather than online, so the social stuff doesn’t really persuade me either.

Also that zombie bit was offensively cheesy. <.<

Captcha: know your rights

The Wii has the most exclusives of this generation, and the one’s that are good do not use it’s gimmick, or work best without it.
Granted, there are several exceptions, but one of the main factors that comes into play is that the Xbox 360 is not used in Japan, and instead the PS3 and Wii are the leaders in that region, leading to not many (japanese) exclusives because they have less of a market to possibly have success in.

I would argue that if the good games that were released on the Wii were instead multi-platform, then the Wii itself have a lack of interesting titles available (the first party franchises that are some of the most stagnant examples in gaming), because no decent developer would limit themselves with such outdated hardware.

Of course, all an opinion 🙂


About SimCity:

I am in love. Arsonist, riots for actual causes? Wonder if you could make money off of crime in your city. Or if disasters actually cause casualties now that people are individual units rather then a number. Will city sizes feature extremely large region sizes? Gah so many questions!
A Satanic Panda

“No, in the new SimCity, the density of a zone will be determined instead by the size of the road you put next to it. Build a residential area next to a simple two lane street and you’ll get modest suburban homes. Build that same residential area next to a highway and you’ll get massive apartment buildings.”

I really, really hope the author misunderstood what the EA folks were saying here. Otherwise, this is really stupid. In reality, the size of a road has almost nothing to do with the size or density of the development that occurs alongside it. (In fact, in many cases where it does seem to have an effect, the effect is inverse: that is, larger roads with more traffic capacity, like expressways, seem to almost guarantee low-density development.)

Density-based zoning is one of the most true-to-life aspects of the old SimCity, and it would be a shame if they replaced it with the idea above, which is just, well, babytown frolics.

About The Last of Us:

Cautiously optimistic.

There’s a lot of good here to like, and the setting of post-apocalpyse is one of my favourites.

The only negative I can see is partner AI. I don’t trust it in any game, and a game built around two people working together could be ruined by one partner being a liability instead of a help.

But that’s the only nitpick. Tone, characterisation, setting, graphics look very fine…

This could well be the game that convinces me to buy a PlayStation 3.

I’ve been interested in this game since I saw the first trailer, ever since I read about cordyceps fungi a few years ago I thought it’d make a great idea for a zombie apocalypse story. And with it being naughty dog….. well I was expecting good things.

I’m glad they’ve not gone for the shock and awe approach though. As much as incredible set pieces are naughty dogs bread and butter, they’ve always handled character interactions brilliantly.

What’s that? A vulnerable female character is kidnapped and threatened to motivate a grizzled male protagonist, and he will have to employ violent means to rescue her?

It’s an original premise. I think there’s some really profound discussions of normative gender roles and psychology to be mined out of it. I look forward to deep satire and reflection upon how our evolutionary origins clash with the nature of civilisation in a world where we’re forced to come up with new social orders rather than simply rely on tradition. I’m sure that will all be in there.


It would be far more interesting if either Ellie or Joel could die and the game would continue down a different kind of path from that moment. Now it’s just an elaborate escort mission the entire way through, with nothing new to add into the genre.

Wouldn’t it be far more intense and intriguing to see the effects of first taking someone under your wing, or having a father figure help you out, only for them to truly have that chance encounter and perish suddenly? Think how much difference it would make, would Joel become more merciless? What would Ellie do?

Gameplay wise, it could be as simple as having certain areas locked to Ellie after that moment, have the encounters grow more dangerous and eventually have her character grow tired, lonesome and self-sufficient. Now THAT would be a post-apocalypse story.

Sadly, and as much as I love Naughty Dog, they’re going to play it safe and if, IF, one of the characters is in peril, it’s going to Joel and he will give his life for Ellie. Which is a shame, as the game could be so much more.

About Halo 4:

Halo 4: proof positive the games industry will not innovate unless forced.

(Don’t worry, we’ve got 2-3 more Halo games to look forward to by my estimation.)

How can you innovate the FPS genre? You point, click, kill. That is how all FPS are like.

OT: I am looking forward to this game. They have added some interesting enemies that would actually make a person think before tossing in a grenade and rushing. The world also looks interesting as well.
Capitano Segnaposto

The only thing that disappoints me so far is that we’re fighting the Covenant, again. Despite everything that happened in Halo 2 and 3, we’re back to fighting the Elites and the grunts, for little reason beyond “well, they just showed up”.

Yeah yeah, I get that there’s a trilogy of books that is supposed to explain why the Sanghelli-Human alliance breaks down after a while, but that just feels like a cheap, forced way to undo a really cool development from the original trilogy for the sake of having the Covvies show up again.

The other stuff looked rather interesting, but the amount of scripted events concerned me. Halo has always been a bit more free form with it’s gameplay, and all these scenes where a big alien knocks you down and starts an arena fight sort of thing kinda irks me. And it looks like we’re gonna get QTEs so we can grapple with Elite’s faces. Wonderful.
Soviet Heavy

As a Halo fan… (Please, stay with me on this! I’m not the rabid fan-boy type of Halo fan. I mean I don’t even LIKE multiplayer!) I’m actually liking the look of Halo 4… so far.

There appears to be just enough change to look as if the series is moving on and yet enough similarity so as to remain firmly within the scope of my expectations. The enemies look totally different to the Covenant (Who had become so boring after 5 games) and the AI looks smart as all hell. In short, it actually looks like fun to play, which is always a bonus. Now all we need is a smart storyline and some engaging characters…

Loving the idea of Cortana going off the rails, it’s about time. I do like me some crazy-ass demonic AI overlord in my games!

“A.I.s deteriorate after 7 years”? So I guess they’ve dropped all pretense of sci-fy now and have gone into full-on future fantasy.
Farther than stars

She’s not just some sort of basic desktop computer. Cortana is a digital clone of Doctor Catherine Halsey’s brain, mapped right down to her neural pathways. She is a “Smart A.I.” that has the ability to learn and grow very much as a human brain does. But she’s not human. After a certain amount of time the A.I. cannot withstand the amount of data and suffers an overload of sorts. That’s when rampancy occurs.

But let’s be fair here, Halo along with it’s concept of the “Smart A.I.” is all complete fiction. Who’s to say what is more realistic? At least they are sticking to their established lore.
Proverbial Jon

Leave a basic desktop computer with a decent Internet connection accumulating data and running every program it can find without periodically wiping it and it won’t last anywhere near seven years before it starts doing seemingly random or inexplicable things

About South Park: The Stick of Truth :

Color me cautiously interested. I’m still really skeptical as to how this turns out as a game, there’s a lot of potential to fuck it up (and Obsidian is developing it), but the potential is there.

Hmm, not interested in it if it’s just “hey look at all these jokes we’ve done”. If the gameplay is good and there are some funny and original set pieces, then maybe.

Let’s see. Turn based RPG by Obsidian? Fuck yeah! It could be about about zombies and take place entirely in sewers and I’d still play this.

Oh and also south park. That’s cool I geuss. Never been a huge fan or anything.

About Kill With Voice Commands in Splinter Cell: Blacklist:

I remember Splinter Cell being about stealth. I don’t mind the kinect use. It shortens the use of buttons if one decides to not use them. Gamers will care about Kinect if you find a use that helps the core experience.

My major complaint is about Ubisoft. Look, I know that the market these days likes fast-paced action gameplay. I can understand that. Why not make a new IP with the gameplay you’re showing us now? It’s more risky, but with the right marketing campaign, people can buy this. When gamers are saying “We’re losing the core experience of a franchise”, this is what they were talking about. If you really want people to buy because of brand recognition, at least make a sub-series to the franchise. Don’t use Sam Fisher. Bring in another agent.
Random Argument Man

It is not so heavy on stealth now, but that is fine with me.

I actually liked the idea behind the mark and kill button, it is more indirect but also makes combat smoother and more bad ass for people like me who such at that sort of thing. Makes you feel fluid and not so stiff.

I have never really got into a Splinter Cell game, but this looks good.

About Play as Nathan Drake, Big Daddy in PlayStation All Stars:

I always wanted Super Smash Brothers on a handheld…

I shall settle on this 😉


New Smash Bros is coming to the 3DS and WiiU. But I get your point.

Im suprised I dont see more flaming of this. I see so much hate elsewhere for copying Super Smash Bros. Which it does, I’ll admit. But when has shameless copying been a bad thing? Theres a demand for the game, it looks like it will be top notch, and it looks fun. Is it so horrible that its not original? Thats my rant for today.

Anyways, cant wait for this to come out. Dont own a PS3, so Im glad to hear its coming out on the Vita.
Uber Waddles

Snake’s becoming quite the little fighting game whore isn’t he? Next thing you know he’s gonna be in Soul Calibur VI, or Marvel Vs Capcom 4, for some reason.

He wasnt added by the developers, he snuck himself into the game.


probably in a box

Evil Smurf

I honestly don’t care if Nintendo did it first. That is like saying “Simpson’s did it!” I suppose Sonic was just a rip off of Mario, right?

If Big Daddies are playable, and that’s not exclusive to Sony, maybe that means that all bets are off on who could end up in the game. That gives this game’s roster an exciting amount of potential. I wasn’t surprised at all when Nathan Drake was announced, but I was seriously not expecting to see a Big Daddy. Hopefully we’ll see Mega Man X or a Final Fantasy character (not Lightening) in future announcements.

About Final Fantasy Versus XIII Becomes FF15:

I thought the whole Fabula Nova Crystallis idea was a bit vague to begin with (essentially, the entire reasoning behind grouping them together was “there are crystals”), so it wouldn’t surprise me if they decided to separate the games. Separating them given the difference in time between releases would make sense too.

At any rate, I’m interested in seeing what the game looks like after all this time, more so than I am concerned about which roman numerals they decide to throw in the title. While XIII shook my faith in the brand, I daresay I will continue to observe major future FF releases with interest.

While we’re on the topic, I went back and played through FFXIII again recently, and found I enjoyed it much more than I did the first time. I think it’s better if you go in expecting to play Final Fantasy XIII, rather than expecting to play another Final Fantasy game, if that makes sense.

Honestly I could care less anymore. Square’s complete shelling out of anything FF the past 5+ years has made me from fanboy to uninterested gamer very quickly. I just don’t care anymore. Last FF game I even touched was Crisis core and that one is still mediocre in my opinion. So I’m gonna buy it either way.
Jeremy Meadows

About Hands On with Company of Heroes 2:

I guess I will be one of the first to say ” Shut Up and Take my Money!”

CoH was my number one favorite game, however, I’ll be very disappointed if they don’t do more in CoH 2. Back in 2006 it was a revolutionary game (because most people have never played Ground control), no resource collection, squad based unit control, cover based combat, firing arcs for weapons support teams, all of that was very interesting. That was what made it a good RTS. However, if they just try to release the same game 6 years later… … it would just feel like the same game, but you know, out dated by six years of development.

Seriously? I’m excited to see an engine designed and dedicated to COH as opposed to COH developed on a different game’s engine – which I believe is how the original was made, making it that much more remarkable an achievement. I’m shocked a lot of its elements haven’t been snapped up by other RTS’s, but they haven’t. There really is nothing quite like COH.


About Kratos Stabs Elephant Men in New God of War:

It felt new, and yet it still looked like God of War. It’s exactly what I was hoping for.

My favorite part of that footage? He pushed a civilian out of harm’s way. Unheard of, right?

Hmmmm time manipulation. Where have I heard that before?
So now he’s ripping off heads AND gimmicks.

In fairness, he’s played with time distortion before, and since that was 3 games back, he’s more or less just pulling things out of the cupboard and repurposing them than ripping things off.


“Frankly, it looks like God of War. That’s not a bad thing, mind you.”

At this point, honestly, I’d say it is a bad thing. I’ll hold off forming an opinion until I can see it in action and find out more details, but if it just ends up being more of the same with fairly minor incremental changes I’ll probably pass. I love the God of War series, but after 5 entries, the 4 of which I played not being dramatically different from one another, the formula has worn a bit thin for me.

About Third Party Support for Wii U Includes Mass Effect 3:

Well it seems they’re finally learning from the PS2. Took ’em long enough.

Sounds like nintendo is finally getting some of that 3rd party support they have been wanting, it only took them making a machine on par or better or worse (no one seems to really know right now) with the other ones out there.

It’s a handheld and a Nintendo console, that doesn’t make me optimistic.


I don’t know, nintendo does awesome handhelds.

Ports of previous generation games? Again Nintendo? AGAIN? How is anyone supposed to get excited about this?

“Hey guys! Buy this rather expensive, unestablished new console with an unproven propriety control control scheme. Why should you buy it? Well some of those games that are available right now for post launch prices might be coming to this new console at some undefined time in the future! Remember folks, these games are only available everywhere else for much cheaper and probably on a console you already own.

And as an added bonus the controls will possibly be badly ported to a controller the size of your house- no wait! Where are you going?! “

Wii-U; For those who can’t find a hole big enough to throw their money into.

I think all these ports are third party developers trying to see if the Wii U will be able to move an established product. If it does well, we might see more support in the future from third party developers on par with Microsoft and Sony. It’s a chance for developers to test the water with a brand that has already sold well. Instead of creating an entirely new game for a console that they aren’t too sure about. For all those crying foul over Nintendo picking at the leftovers of a previous generation, it’s not Nintendo living in the past. It’s developers trying to see if Nintendo’s new console has a future worth investing in.

About EA Wants to Be Indie:

Indie stands for independent. Of the eight outstanding previously-independent studios EA has acquired over the years five are dead, two have faced significant layoffs and restructuring, and only DICE has had a relatively healthy relationship with its new parent company.

So I don’t see how EA can ever be “indie” or anywhere close to “indie”, it’s simply in the opposite side of the spectrum.


Unlike many cynics on this site, I think its great Riccitiello is trying to repair EA’s broken reputation. Considring what a big player in the industry EA is, trying to make the big company more personable can only be better for the gaming industry.

I just hope he remembers that actions speak louder then words.
Cat of Doom

Ha Ha, oh wait you’re serious? Let me harder XD.

EA is gaming’s trademark evil, faceless company, in Alien, they would be Weyland-Yutani’s business partners.

They just need to stop playing it safe; they have enough money that an experimental new game won’t hurt them at all; the only reason (methinks) that they’re releasing such statements is because they, like everyone else has seen the power of Kickstarter.
Akichi Daikashima

EA, I don’t think you know what that word means. Stop trying! You’re gonna ruin everything for us.

About ZombiU Makes a Case for the Wii U Controller:

This is the only game that has me excited about the WiiU so far but if there are enough games like this one, I might be interested in getting it after all…
The Wii U has a ton of potential for core gaming but the problem is the Wii did too and that potential went to waste so I’m still on the fence.
Jingle Fett

I really could see this being a good use of the tech, but it’s rather expensive tech for such novelties at this point, isn’t it?
Zachary Amaranth

I love the bit where they show the “door hacking”… and they just show entering random combinations until one works.

I feel like it should still bring up an on screen display for the inventory at least, because at least then you might not have to look at the tablet, then back to the tv, then back to the tablet when ever you want to take out a new item.
Uber Evil

It’s purposely done like that and it’s a brilliant move on Ubisoft’s part. It’s set up so you can’t change between weapons with superhuman speed while knowing what is going on around you perfectly.
You have to dig through your survival bag for what you want and just like in real life you’ll be looking into the bag while doing it with occasional glances up to ensure you aren’t being run at by some zombies.

Perma-death and zombiefication of your character when you die only makes it an even better survival-horor concept that actually deserves the name instead of action based pap like RE and DS have become.

About Portal 2 DLC Brings Move to Aperture Science:

I can’t even be upset over this, all those things it adds, distorting cubes and moving and rotating portals and whatever else just seems to push the game towards being easy mode. Why bother with fetching a second cube if you can stretch one until it’s long enough to press down two buttons? Or why find a way to activate a light bridge if you can just turn a cube into a makeshift plank? I can’t really say that I feel like I’m missing an essential part of the Portal 2 experience here.
Pedro The Hutt

Alright, to clear this up again for everyone: Yes, you need a Move to play this. If you are a PC user, you may use the Razer Hydra. The map pack was made up as a demo showcase for the Razer Hydra, and was therefore made specifically to show off motion controls within Portal 2.
As for “oh but it will be too easy to just stretch a cube into place instead of doing this and that”, such features will only be used in the DLC, which has puzzles that are specifically designed to be solved that way. You probably won’t be able to “cheat” yourself through the normal campaign that way.

Hey how about that not working on hl3?
Brandon Logan

About The Elder Scrolls Online Teaser:

Wow, a minute of black screens with text on them, interspersed with about 20 seconds of battering ram and 15 seconds of hilariously generic non-gameplay footage. Never change, E3.

Most of the things people are complaining about in this game are cos they started it 5 years ago. Back then there was no Rift or TOR and they thought it was actually possible for a WOW clone to be successful. They probably just added the block mechanic in more recently when they heard about TERA and GW2.
Crazy Zaul

Anyone else ready for the sinking of atlanTES?

Man, this trailer answered so many questions I needed to be answered. Totally worth the wait.

Not to be rude, but what questions could that possibly have answered?

I came up with 3-

Will there be viking people? YES
Will there be generic looking elves? YES
Will there be some guy with a bow? YES

I really cannot see what other questions that may have answered.

Personally, I would say that the trailer was uninspiring.


haha, sorry, I was a little slow picking up the sarcasm. It doesn’t work so well in text.
Li Mu

About Pokemon Conquest:

The premise looks interesting.

It in a way adds history to the previous Pokemon games.
I mean, what did go down before humans invented the technology of capturing them with Poke-Balls.

As we have historical empire conquests with Gengheskhan, Napolian, Mispellius Caesur; what would they have been like if Pokemon existed in the same universe? They used Elephants, soofc they’d use Pokemon was weapons.

So yeah, if it’s as good as Final Fantasy Tactis advance I will certainly get this game eventually.

Looks like a Pokemon game with less focus on the actual Pokemon, and more on the humans. No thanks, (unless more info convinces me otherwise).

I don’t think we were watching the same trailer.

It’s Samurai Warriors + Pokemon + Tactics Games.


Replace Samurai Warriors with Nobunaga’s Ambition and you’ll be correct. The original title in Japan was Pokémon X Nobunaga’s Ambition. (If memory serves me right…)

I wonder if we’ll get a chance to score the shiny Rayquaza for the American Black and White games when this comes out?

Just when I say I won’t allow myself to be milked from Nintendo again…

Shut up and take my milk!

Although,on a more serious note,I guess I’ll wait a little first, my pockets are still bitter from D3 and they’ll surely grow a pair of arms and slap me if such a fail happens again.

About Activision Confirms Angry Birds HD on Consoles:

No amount of facepalm will show the disapproval I feel… But I shall try!

Hell I always feel disapproval and/or hatred when it comes to Activision so I think I MAY be biased against them a bit…

Okay, you’re just being unreasonable. Angry Birds is amazing!

Yes but they were bought out by the publisher known for Buying out Guitar Hero, Tony Hawks Skateboarding, and many more IP’s that proved to make some coin, Milking them to death, then leaving them to rot in the gutter.

I also Hate Activision because of their mutilation of Spyro.

Will it ever end? Will Rovio not stop until the entire world is drowning in bloody Angry Birds?

I’m not really an Angry Birds hater (the game is okay, but it’s popularity is undeserved) but I really hope this game fails. For all the hate “hardcore” gamers spew for this game this is when they need to prove their point and not buy this game on consoles. Show Rovio that they actually can fail and there are some people who don’t want this game no matter how hard they try to shove it in our faces.

But…I’m already playing it. For free. With great graphics. *Points at Google Chrome*

Seriously, unless a freakin’ bird pops out of the screen and slaps me in the face, I don’t see how HD graphics will make it better. It’s not like we’re talking about going from 64-bit images to HD like some HD remakes.

Not only that, but I can’t see who would pay maybe 60 bucks for a game you can play either for free or get for a couple of bucks on your iDevice. Alright, maybe clueless parents and needy children would be into that. But the most I’d pay would be around $10-20 for a disc version. And I’m already exaggerating.

Like someone said, it would make more sense if they were released for the 3DS. It would make playing that game much easier, the 3D graphics might be enough of an incentive to get people to buy the game and kids would love it. After all, it’s Nintendo. It’s family and kid oriented.

See, it’s one thing when you give us Minecraft, a game that you HAVE to play on the PC and you can’t play for free. Well, at least not the full version of the game. But this? Really?
Beautiful End

About Behold the Next Generation of Final Fantasy:

Yes it’s pretty, but what about gameplay? What about a small story to go with this tech demo? These are the real questions that need to be answered Square. FF13 graphics were fine as the next big step in graphic design.

I liked FF13, but after FF10, none of the other games interested me whatsoever. FF11 was boring, FF12 made me want to destroy it and FF14 I did not care for as soon as I heard it was going to be an “MMORPG” (way before the whole disaster happen).

Eh, FF13 is still the most beautiful looking game for me. Can’t put my finger on why, character design maybe (for the faces). Also, there is absolutely no need to make another engine when the crystal engine looks that good. Stop wasting money Square Enix.

Agreed. Stop wasting money on graphics and start on the other 2 things that make a game good: Story and gameplay.

Did I see a different video to all of you? This was either as impressive, or more impressive than the Kara tech demo from Quantic Dreams, and I don’t think anyone really appreciates that this came from Square Enix’s R&D department, not from a development team. So this is all concept work not tied to any game or with any gameplay in mind, this is just for the sake of showing what can be done visually and in no way wasted money that was going to be used to make a game.
And I don’t even like Square Enix…

Reluctantly I tried FF 13 to try and catch up since they said FF 13-2 was good. I still haven’t beaten it. This does look good however, almost cutting out the middle man of rendered cutscenes. If this isn’t only a demonstration of what Square Enix is capable of, but what the industry can create in the next gen, I remain hopeful that we are in for at least a visual ride.

About Sony Nixes PS Vita Price Cut Rumors:

Is this still the same company that made the PS2?

The PS2 went up against the GameCube and the XBox… that race was a tad handicapped from the start.

Sony had a no win situation. You put more attention on the Vita, and people start to ask if they’re ending support for the PS3. Personally I think their only problem was spending way too much time on the Move and WonderBooks. It’s a neat idea, but it wasn’t worth a 20 minute presentation.

Personally I think Sony’s plan for new hardware always starts like this. Like with the PS3, they let people slowly convert by still selling the PS2, and for a while there PS2’s were outselling everyone’s next gen hardware. Sony’s selling Vitas and PSPs, they’re still making games for both, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Vita will slowly gain more value, release more titles, garner more support than the PSP, and down the line see a price cut.

Again, you can’t compare 3DS sales with Vita anymore than you can compare Wii’s sales with the PS3. Nintendo’s fanbase will by anything with their name on it. Nintendo is also taking huge profit cuts to drop the price of the 3DS. Sony can’t do that… actually they’re already doing that. They can’t do it MORE, the solution has to be different.

I admire Sony for significantly upgrading the specs of each console from one generation to the next, but what is it that they’re putting in these things that they’re always selling them at a loss.

I think that Sony’s products are technologically superior to Nintendo’s, and more reliable/longer-lasting than Microsoft’s consoles, but it doesn’t help that Sony runs off into the other extreme, resulting in hyped-up prices, which are still sold at a loss.

I’ve always liked Sony, but the one thing they’ve never changed is their stubborn pricing on all their products. Its really your market-strategy that needs an upgrade, Sony.

About Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell : Blacklist:

I don’t normally say this about voice actors, but no Ironsides, no deal.
Blind Sight

It’s now official, they made a great stealth series into a generic run and gun third person shooter. Also yeah he’s somehow younger now? and his voice is different as well? What, was Sam not generically pretty enough for video games or something? I’m really starting to dislike the trend where every character looks like a super model.

Showing what looks to be an escort mission as your reveal trailer? Gutsy move.

About Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – BTS Trailer:

good to see my dose of video game-micheal bay is on it’s way.
Combustion Kevin

And so it begins. Everyone will now start to say “wow, this doesn’t look bad!”, not realising what they just watched was an advertisement, not a true representation of the game.
Then, when the game comes out and is inevitably shit, they will complain and say they’re never buying another CoD game.
Until the previews come out, and hey! This doesn’t look so bad!

About Metal Gear Solid: Rising – Revengeance – E3 Trailer:

Is “Revengeance” even a word? I like using it when I make up fake cheesy movie titles, along with “the Revenging.”

CHANGE THE TITLE! Get ride of Metal gear solid part, this game is going to be nothing like the other metal gear games, i don’t know why you didn’t just make a new Ip, i actually would be interested if it was totally new instead of trying to shoehorn it into the metal gear universe.

I’m actually surprised at some of the negativity that’s been thrown around with regards to this game. Surely by now we know to trust Platinum Games? They know what they’re doing.

So the title has a strange word. Big fucking deal.

About E3 Preview: Dishonored:

This game sounds almost too good to be true.
Freakin’ fish possession!
Yeah, take my money. This I’ve got to see.

When there was nothing more than a trailer this looked like it could go either way but now it sounds awesome. Looking up who the devs are… someone and I never heard of and…

Why does it matter that Bethesda is publishing it.

Because there’s basically two things Bethesda have published that have turned out even halfway decent: the SeaDogs games (sequel was renamed to Pirates of the Caribbean), and Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.

However, I’m quite optimistic about this one.

About XCOM: Enemy Unknown:

I’ve already tracked down my old disk so I can install the original to show it to friends.

After the “Xshock” (or would it be “Biocom”?) reboot shooter debacle, I think I actually whooped when I saw the first dev diary video for the new game.

I look forward to having my old squad back together again. ‘Trencher’ on heavy weapons, ‘Deadeye’ on the longrifle, ‘Breach’ with his explosive toys, ‘Sarge’ toting the spare clips, and the psi twins hanging back in the ‘Ranger. The rest of the expedition team were cycled for training before getting shipped out to other bases for security duty.

What I really miss were the artificial limitations I ended up using with later playthroughs… “No Heavy Weapons (Autocannon, Heavy Cannon/Laser/etc.) without Powered Armor”, “No Psi-Amps”, “Leave No Evidence (burn/blow-up all alien remains)”, “Earth/Hybrid-Tech Only”, and so on. Having just plain pistols and rifles for half of the game meant a LOT of soldier recruitment.

Here’s to hoping that the tiny snippets of footage depicting stealth armor, grappling hooks, and the other proposed soldier rank upgrades are as awesome as I think they’ll be.


It’s actually more like X Effect or Mass Com. The squad abilities functioned almost identically to the ones in Mass Effect. Hell even the aliens looked like the Husks.

Nope, husks were more interesting than the boss fights involving Pythagorean solids that the shooter was trying to sell.

About E3 Preview: The Elder Scrolls Online:

So the Imperial City war is a PVP-style thing then? Because that sounds like it could be interesting.
But then who gets to be Emperor? All sounds very intriguing to me!

I’m guessing there is a king of the hill style win conditions, and either some NPC figure for each faction will be crowned Emperor (likely) or some really high ranking player will be Emperor (highly unlikely).

I’d prefer some sort of Faction Leader political system, but that might be hoping too much.
But a full PvP style rather than just a solo campaign for the city sounds good!

…class based…

Aaaaaaaaaaand interest dies. Seriously, if even an Elder Scrolls MMO can’t be arsed to employ a skill-based system, I weep for the final and unequivocal death of sandbox MMOs.

I wish they would stop saying it looks like an Elder Scrolls game. It doesn’t. Orcs, Humans, various shades of elves,cat and lizard people (while all part of the Elder Scrolls series) don’t make an elder scrolls game. The graphical style they chose is nothing more then the generic fantasy settings seen in countless other fantasy games.From what they’ve shone there’s nothing special that signals Elder Scrolls other then the names of the races and the names of the cities.

Exactly. Elder Scrolls is known for its immersive and open worlds. Yes some complain about the depth, buts its not about the depth. Its about immersing yourself in the world and lore, and you can do anything and go anywhere anytime you want. Making a linear rpg with invincible npcs (no pickpocketing, stealth, sneak attacks, stealing, etc) and probably no speech traits considering the nature of mmos, is the exact opposite of what the series is known for. You can’t take away the strengths that the series has and expect the IP to make up for it alone.

Also the graphical style is just wrong. Its too shiny and stylized for Elder Scrolls.
Don Savik

About Wii U Miiverse Will Use Human Screening:

If they can actually manage to keep up with something like this, they deserve a medal of the highest honor. Good luck, Nintendo. It sounds like thankless work, but I’m happy someone is going to try this.

The irony of crying about immaturity while applauding censorship is immense.

I think this is sad, but at the same time, Nintendo is 100% irrelevant to me. So whatever.

I hope Nintendo succeeds in this, but I don’t think it’s feasible to monitor everything that’s posted. I don’t think it will work.

Points for the effort though.

About E3 Preview: Devil May Cry:

Part of the issue is that, those of us who HAVE played DMC, will compare this game to that.

Whereas the “scythe” or “hammer” thing might be cool to others, I see it as a drastically, almost pathetically, lowered amount of variety. Specially when it seems to be established that angel=air, and demon=ground with the weapon modifiers. Where’s the load of weapons? Where’s my shotguns, my electric-blasting guitars, my explosive-rose-dispensing back-kits, my suitcase of pure destruction, or my three-sided nunchaku or fire-and-wind combo swords?
They also haven’t shown much on move development, which means there isn’t any way to learn new moves or the like, or they just don’t have it working right now. Both not exactly a good thing if they want to reassure fans of the series.

Where combat might be fast and fluid and the like for some, it actually looks on the slower side to me still, of which the cut from 60fps (the usual for the series) to Ninja Theories staple 30fps is probably the biggest suspect.

I won’t touch Dante’s look, its been rehashed and thrown all around. I’ll say this. They HAVE made improvements, even if its not too apparent for the most part. Biggest being ditching the Christian Bale Batman-wannabee from earlier trailers for the current one, who sounds much more fitting.

And attitude? Meh. It’s not the easiest thing to tell until you’ve played the game. Dante could be a real smug, sarcastic bugger at times, and ended up being a rather lovable dick. This version? He’s shown some attitude, but a string of “fuck you”s a Dante does not make.

People wouldn’t be mad if he wasn’t called Dante, if he was a whole new character, people would be more welcoming, one does not simply change a beloved gaming icon! Gameplay looks solid though.

I hate how they ruined the story of Dante, he was a half-demon, half-human, which is why he was so strong, he had a heart and a sense of humanity, he was a guy who wanted to kill demons as stylishly as possible. The reasoning behind this change is stupid, if he walked into a bar outside Japan, he would be laughed out…Dante would kick their ass, wisecrack about it and not give a shit. Also on that logic, the new one wouldn’t be laughed out?

I am more open-minded about this, but the hate this game is getting could have very easily been avoided…

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