With Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop just around the corner, the hosts on the Bionic Commando podcast treated listeners to a bit of Capcom insider trivia – a massive list of all the potential titles Dead Rising had before it was… well, Dead Rising.

The list of rejected titles for Dead Rising is truly enormous, and shines a little light on the difficult parts of game development that people don’t usually think about – like picking a name. Now, most of these potential titles are bad. Like, really bad. But before we start pointing fingers and snickering, let’s remember that these were put together by people who don’t speak English natively, and that I’m sure most of you would have a devil of a time coming up with a good title for a game in, say, Swahili.

Some of the particularly not-so-Good, Bad, and/or Ugly standouts:

*Paparazzi of the Dead
*Gluttonous The Zombies
*Dangerous Shopping
*Escape From Shopping Mall
*The Besieged In A Mole [sp.]*Super Zombie Time
*Dead Bee
*Did You See? I Saw
*More Beef Life
*Def Dead Time
*Dead Easter

I would totally play “More Beef Life,” even if I have no idea what the hell it means.

(Via Kotaku)

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