When X-Rays And Gaming Collide


Picture the scene, it’s a rainy afternoon, you’ve completed every game you own, twice, and the only thing you have left to play with is an x-ray machine. What do you do? If you said ‘irradiate the dog’, you’d be wrong.

“As I looked down on the city, the streets seemed to stretch and twist, like the lines on a circuit board…” Wait, that should be the other way round, damn.

Ignoring the appalling hard-boiled fiction for a second, or longer if possible, a Dutch gamer has combined the disciplines of gaming and, uh, x-raying things in a fascinating art project.

Reintji, as he is known on Flickr, took an impressive collection of consoles, ranging from the retro Atari 2600 to the very current PS3, as well as a whole host of controllers and cartridges and subjected them to the penetrating rays of the upper end of the electro-magnetic spectrum.

The images are eerily compelling, reminiscent of city maps viewed through thermal imaging, and shows just how complex consoles actually are. You can view the entire gallery here.

By the way, the round thing in the gallery is a coconut, just in case you were wondering. Don’t be afraid, it can’t hurt you.

Source: Kotaku

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