Which JRPG Character Archetype Are You?


If you were in a JRPG, what sort of character would you be?

Every sort of videogame has its archetypal characters, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You’ve got your macho space marines (Vanquish, Gears of War), your unlucky everydudes (Uncharted, Dead Rising) – heck, some studios specialize in that sort of thing. There really isn’t anything wrong with having a familiar sort of character; it just makes it easier for the player to relate to them.

JRPGs are certainly no exception to this rule. This week’s issue of The Escapist magazine is all about those RPGs from the other side of the Pacific, and we thought this was the perfect opportunity for a personality quiz!

What sort of JRPG character are you? Are you the peppy one, or are you the brooder? Are you the mage, or are you the one swinging a giant sword around? And just how big is your hair anyway?

If you want to find out, why not go ahead and take our JRPG personality quiz? As always, if you don’t like your result you can try again for another one.

Grab your hair gel and take the personality quiz here!

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