A photo of a white DualShock 3 controller purchased in a Florida store has appeared, despite Sony’s claims that no such controller exists in The States.

The image, sent to Joystiq sister site PS3 Fanboy by a reader known simply as “Henry,” offers solid evidence in the form of the controller itself alongside a receipt detailing the transaction.

Representatives from Sony however, say “We have no plans to release a white Dualshock 3.”

While it is theoretically possible that the image is a cleverly constructed Photoshop job designed to troll the entirety of PS3 Fanboy’s reading audience, I’m inclined to believe Henry, if only for the futility of crafting such a ruse.

Plus, given Sony’s tendency to release a wide range of multicolored PlayStation peripherals as their console’s lifespan runs down, it seems almost certain that a white DualShock 3 would eventually rear its ivory head.

Now the only question is why would anyone actually want a white DS 3. Not only does it clash horribly with Sony’s console, it totally ruins the mysterious, dark color scheme employed by the system.

Take away the PS3’s black coloring and what do you have? A George Foreman grill that’s particularly adept at curing cancer.

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