I was talking with some of the other writers tonight and one thing we all agreed on was the total lack of interest in the Playstation 3. The Wii was definitely the prettiest girl at the party and cool 360 games were all over the place–my breaking down and buying one is only a few months off–and the PS3 was there, line wrapped around to see it and everything, but no one was talking about it. Sony’s booth was a giant, hulking thing, crouching there…but I heard no chatter about it from the writers or from the other people I was hanging around. The Wii, yes, Spore, yes, an Australian MMO called Fury, yes (they had people from other companies hanging around playing their game all the time), but not a peep about the Playstation 3. Even the developers seemed to be of the “Check out all this cool stuff we’re doing with the 360……..oh, yea, the game is also coming out on Playstation 3.” It might just be the circles I move in, but if I was Sony, I’d be worried. Anyone catch any buzz about the PS3? I’m genuinely curious and wondering if I missed something.

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