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Who Is Nana Morri in Critical Role, Answered


The following explainer on who Nana Morri is contains spoilers for Critical Role, Campaign 3, Episode 78, “Fractures.”

The emotional fallout of Ashton Greymoore’s near-death experience recently inspired the Bells Hells to regroup in the Fey Realm with Nana Morri – so who exactly is the Critical Role Fatestitcher?

Critical Role: Who Nana Morri Is in the Show

While Morrigan’s name carries loaded connotations throughout Exandria and the Fey Realm, to Fearne she’s simply Nanna Morri. Her imposing appearance recalls imagery of a dark Miyazaki-esque fairytale, complete with Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer flexing his renowned voice-acting chops to embody Morri’s two faces. The primary voice Mercer uses for Morri is reminiscent of a traditional Dungeons & Dragons hag, but Morri has an guttural second voice housed in her tummy face that sometimes takes over mid-sentence. Nana and Tummy Nana, despite their vocal distinctions, are both one entity that occupies the equally eccentric Fey homestead known as Ligament Manor.

Ashley Johnson’s faun Fearne spent her childhood in Ligment Manor, after her parents left her under the protection of their powerful friend Morrigan. The house contains a bevy of affectionately disturbing creatures such as the eyeless Peepers, Sweet Pea the sun bear, and the owl-like talking bird Dr. Nesbitt. Ligament Manor’s décor follows suit, with human shrubbery and skin tapestries, and Fearne’s fond childhood in this somewhat macabre environment informs a great deal about her character’s demeanor.

The first indications of Nana Morri’s greater influence on both Fearne and the world at large came in Exandria Unlimited prime when Dungeon Master Aabria Iyengar planted the seed that the postcards Fearne cherished from her parents were actually written by Nana Morri. The subsequent reunion between Fearne and her parents in Campaign 3 further confirmed the suspicion that Nana Morri utilized some of her powers as the Fatestitcher to extend her time with Fearne at Ligament Manor.

Aside from Fearne, Erica Lindabeck’s Morrighan Ferus represents another fey player character who’s life was touched directly by the Fatestitcher. Some of Nana Morri’s more powerful abilities include time manipulation, fate “tuning”, transforming into a monstrous bird and transporting beings to and from the fey realm and material plane. The latter of these skills served to transport Lindbeck’s Enxandria Unlimited: Kymal character to the material plane. In addition to Morrighan Ferus, Nana Morri has connections to some of Critical Role‘s most powerful creatures and organizations such as the Unseelie Court, The Nightmare King Ira Wendagoth, and the Matron of Ravens.

Arcanist Allura Vysoren, a powerful nonplayer character who’s appeared across all three Critical Role campaigns, had a visible reaction when Fearne disclosed her relationship to Morri. When Travis Willingham’s Chetney Pock O’Pea attempted to further discern Nana Morri’s origin, Mercy best described her as dirty Fey. These assessments indicate that the Bells Hells have found themselves not only a powerful ally, but a strange bedfellow with whom their fortunate to have a amicable repertoire. The most recent episode of Critical Role highlighted one of the tamer repercussions associated with being on Morri’s bad side, as the the character was delightfully watching the everyday misfortunes of an elf named Vitoren in her crystal ball.

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