With very little time remaining to lose its lead, Wii Play stands in front of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as the best-selling game of the “Aughts” in North America.

We’re nearing the end of the 0X’s now, and will probably be seeing a lot more “Best of the Decade” recappage in the months to come. But while anyone can name their favorite game of the past ten years, there’s a certain charm to cold hard data. The folks at IGN did some number crunching using NPD figures to find the best-selling games of the decade (in North America, anyway) and the answers… aren’t very surprising.

Coming in first was Wii Play, which almost certainly held the top spot by virtue of that extra Wii Remote it came packaged with, selling 11.1 million copies this side of the Pacific. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas stands in second with 8.25 million, though there’s still time remaining for it to be overtaken by third-place Wii Fit (7.9 million) – or at least, there would be, if the release of Wii Fit Plus on October 4 hadn’t effectively replaced the SKU entirely.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City held fourth place with 6.9 million, also in danger of being passed by a Wii title – Mario Kart Wii, with 6.7 million copies sold.

Keep in mind that these are just North American numbers: Nintendo revealed back in May that Wii Play had sold 23 million copies worldwide, compared with 18.2 million for Wii Fit, 15.4 million for Mario Kart Wii, and a mind-blowing 45.7 million copies sold of Wii Sports. But that last one was bundled with the Wii itself, so it doesn’t count.

Wow. There’s really no doubt here about who came out on top over the past few years, is there?

(via Edge)

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