Wildman Kickstarter Could Be Running Out Of Gas


Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor thinks the Kickstarter is a long shot.

When Wildman‘s Kickstarter numbers first started to wobble, Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor took the extraordinary step of letting pretty much his entire staff go, to protect them as much as possible. The Kickstarter continues, but at this point Taylor isn’t as hopeful as he was that there will be a happy resolution to the problem.

Even in the best case scenario, says Taylor, speaking in an hour-long interview, Gas Powered would probably have lost about half its staff. Hence the layoffs, and though about thirteen of them have since come back – “eyes wide open” says Taylor – knowing that the risk of failure was high, it looks as though it may not be enough.

“The numbers are catastrophic,” says Taylor, “People think money will come in the eleventh hour, and it will save their company … if it doesn’t fund, we’re emotionally and financially prepared to deal with the consequences.”

The Kickstarter continues; at time of writing, it’s reached $335,334 of its $1,100,000 goal, and has 18 days to go. The latest video has Taylor demonstrating some potential gameplay, assuming that the Wildman project comes to pass.

“I can’t wait to see how this movie ends,” Taylor concludes, as he contemplates the end of the campaign. “I want to get on with my life.”

Source: Evil Avatar & Matt Barton

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