Casual game publisher WildTangent has received $20 million in debt financing from Hercules Technology Growth Capital, the company announced today.

According to a report by Gamasutra, WildTangent has said it will use the infusion to “create an even richer gaming experience for gamers around the world.” The company claims a monthly user base of over 15 million gamers in the U.S. and Europe, with a catalog of over 450 games from nearly 100 developers, but is perhaps best known for Fate, a Diablo-like action-RPG. Released in 2005, Fate was well-received by both casual and mainstream gamers, and was runner-up for PC Gamer magazine’s RPG of the Year award. OEM versions of many WildTangent games are also distributed by manufacturers including Dell, Toshiba, Gateway and Hewlett-Packard.

“The casual gaming market is growing exponentially, and WildTangent has proven to be a key player,” said Hercules Technology Growth Capital Managing Director Sam Bhaumik. “WildTangent is a leader in developing new and exciting business models in the online games space. They have invented an industry-leading platform that provides unparalleled opportunities for marketers to appeal to gamers, while enhancing and adding value to the overall gaming experience.”

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