Will Wright says Spore, his ambitious life simulator, is “fully playable” and should be released in about six months.

Speaking in an interview on BBC Radio 5, Wright said, “We have the game fully playable at this point, and it’s in final testing,” adding, “We’ve had to do a lot of testing to make sure that the game is accessible by a wide group of people. I want the people who have played The Sims to be able to play Spore – I don’t want it to be something just hardcore gamers play.”

In development since 2000, Spore will simulate the development and evolution of a species from the earliest cellular level all the way to the establishment of a space-faring civilization, played out over various phases: Cellular, creature, tribal, civilization and space. The game is currently in development for the PC, with limited single-phase versions being made for the Nintendo DS and mobile phones.

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