Will Wright Working on a TV Show


The Sims creator is making a TV show, and he wants your help.

Called Creation Project, the show is a collaboration between Wright and the former president of Spike TV and Nickelodeon Albie Hecht, who will serve as the project’s producer. Its premise will be the creation of a TV show. That’s right: Will Wright is making a TV show about making a TV show. Fans will be able to submit ideas via text message or email which will be voted on by other fans, the ones receiving the most votes will be created as two thirty-minute episodes.

Additionally proposed is the “StoryMaker Engine,” allowing fans to upload their own storyboards through the use of images, either pre-existing or that they upload themselves. The show seems to rely heavily on user content, so it’ll be interesting to see what they can come up with. Currently, the show is in early development, so some of these aspects are likely to change. Initial word has it slated for release later this year, but that has yet to be officially announced.

Source: IGN

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