Win a Copy of Diablo III: Ultimate for the PS4 or Xbox One

Diablo III Reaper of Souls 350

Are you ready for the greatest thing to happen to gaming since Diablo III? You better be, because we are giving away a copy of Diablo III: Ulitmate Evil Edition. You may be saying to yourself, “Why would I want that? I already have Diablo III for the console.” But you would be missing out on an amazing addition to the Diablo universe. This version of “Ultimate Evil” adds the Reaper of Souls expansion to the original game, complete with Nephalem Rifts and the new and improved Legendary drop rate. You’ll also get access to the Crusader class for you to play and slay with – this Paladin type class will keep your blade covered in demon blood.

The Ultimate Evil Edition adds the Nephalem Rifts, which can keep you playing through daily rifts that will be dropping legendary items like they’re going out of style. We’re giving away one copy, and the winner chooses which platform. It will be available for the latest generation of consoles, as well as for the previous generation so you don’t have any excuse for not getting in on this great opportunity.

Click here to get into the giveaway, you only have a month to win the game so get in now before you miss out.

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