Windows 10 “Game Mode” Will Boost Your FPS A Few Percent


Microsoft claims that its new gaming-focused Windows 10 mode will boost FPS a few percent, and help kill the dreaded “microstutter”.

Earlier in the month we heard about Windows 10’s Game Mode – a high performance “mode” for Windows 10 built specifically for gaming. Other than “increasing gaming performance” we didn’t really know what this meant. Now, speaking to Ars Technica, partner group program manager for the Xbox platform Kevin Gammill has shed a little more light, explaining that gamers can expect to see FPS gains of a few percent while using the new mode.

Gammill said that the overarching goal is to make Windows 10 “the best operating system for games”-and critically, to make it more consistent, so that frame rates and performance are more predictable and uniform. He explained that when Game Mode is active, the operating system will tend to be biased toward allocating CPU and GPU resources to the game.

The end result is that for games that are currently CPU- or GPU-bound, you can expect to see FPS gains of two to five percent.

While Game Mode will work with, and increase the FPS in both Win32 and UWP programs, Gammill said that native UWP games will see slightly higher gains. Win32 games can do things like create multiple processes (often used by games with special launchers or copy protection) or install background services, and these are invisible to Game Mode, so they may not be properly optimized. UWP games can’t do these things, so they don’t suffer the same problem.

The first Insider Preview build of Windows 10 with Game Mode should become available some time tomorrow.

Source: Ars Technica

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