Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Hits 360 and PC in April


The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition is coming to the Xbox 360 [and PC!] in April.

We’ve known about the forthcoming Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2 for awhile, and now we finally have a release date: April 17 is the day that Xbox 360 owners finally get to discover for themselves what PC RPG fans are so wound up about. To mark the event, the game’s new, freakishly-awesome and wickedly violent intro video has been turned loose as a preview of what’s in store.

“The intro not only shows a very important event in the Witcher’s universe [the assassination of King Demavend] but also it is a real piece of art,” said CD Projekt Red chief Adam Badowski. “I think people who haven’t played the game should enjoy it as much as our fans. The creators of the intro – Platige Image – are real artists and you should be prepared for a jaw dropping experience.”

The Enhanced Edition will feature other new cinematics created for the game as well as numerous changes that will take advantage of the platform’s different strengths. “This is a full adaptation of The Witcher 2 for a console. We have changed the game’s controls and its menus to reflect the differences between the platforms, and we’ve made extensive modifications to the RED engine to make sure that the graphics are a jaw-dropping experience for Xbox 360 players,” Badowski said. “We’re proud of the fact that this is one of the best-looking games ever released on the Xbox 360, while also being one of the most complex RPG’s ever brought to console gamers.”

April 17 is also of interest to PC Witcher fans because the same day that the 360 version of the game launches, an Enhanced Edition update for the PC will also be released, and it will be free. Free! Along with the new cinematics, the Enhanced Edition will add new quests, characters and locations, adding up to four hours of additional gameplay over and above the original game. Is it any wonder that I love these guys?

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition for the Xbox 360 will be available in two versions, the standard release and the “Dark Edition,” which is almost as cool as the original Collector’s Edition release for the PC. A Dark Edition reveal trailer is available on YouTube and, as you’d expect from CD Projekt, even this little unboxing video is epic as hell. Full details about what’s on offer and where you can go to get it are up at

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