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Witchfire Reveals Early Access Information, Price, & More

Witchfire Early Access Information

After a lengthy development, dark fantasy shooter Witchfire will launch into early access on September 20, and the development team has provided some new information on what to expect. The details dropped in an FAQ post from developer The Astronauts, which covers the launch price, the expected length of the early access period, gameplay and content details, and much more.

To begin with, as previously announced, Witchfire will begin as an Epic Games Store exclusive, though the team plans to bring it to other PC platforms after around a year. It’s around that point, “maybe a couple of extra months more,” the game is expected to have its full launch, with consoles being considered but not confirmed as yet. The initial price will be $39.99, with that baseline used to determine regional pricing.

The post also reveals that the initial launch will feature two maps, each of which is roughly the same size as that of the team’s previous game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. In that game, the space felt enormous, but the faster pace and action focus of Witchfire will likely leave them seeming more manageable. The post also suggests seven weapons, but whether that’s the actual number or a hypothetical isn’t exactly clear, as it’s used as a point to compare the different expectations of something like Borderlands versus Doom Eternal.

It also covers off that the early access version will include several additional features:

  • accessibility options, such as key remapping and Enemy Visibility Boost
  • full controller support
  • a FOV slider
  • the ability to move the crosshairs
  • the ability to remove damage numbers
  • RPG elements including an inventory and character builds
  • interactivity between the different elemental damage types in the game

The team also plans to offer a roadmap for Witchfire with more information on what to expect as the early access period progresses, but that’s not available as yet. We’ll keep an eye out, though, so check back regularly for more.

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