Miniatures game maker WizKids has announced the release of the Halo ActionClix collectible miniatures game.

The game replicates the multiplayer combat action from the Halo universe with a series of pre-painted plastic miniatures of characters and vehicles, such as the Flood, the Warthog and, of course, the Master Chief. Each unit features constantly-evolving stats and abilities, and employs varying “move and shoot” tactics as the battle progresses.

WizKids President Lax Chandra said, “With Halo, we are launching our new ActionClix line, which takes great videogame content and combines it with our revolutionary Clix game play engine. With its well-developed characters intense gameplay, Halo was a slam dunk for our ActionClix brand.” The game will feature Halo-style action including weapon swapping, respawning and vehicle-based combat, and also shares basic game mechanics with other Clix products, allowing gamers to play Halo ActionClix with other Clix games.

Halo ActionClix Series One comes in two Game Pack varieties priced at $9.99 and $10.00, and also available is the Halo 3 Scarab, the largest figure WizKids has ever produced, which retails for $249.99. More information, including figurine images and links to other Clix games, is available at the Halo ActionClix website.

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