Wolfenstein Movie Held Up By Writers Strike


The script for the planned Return to Castle Wolfenstein movie is almost complete, but the Writers’ Guild of America strike has put the entire development process on hold.

Roger Avary, who’s writing the script and also hopes to direct the film, told the Sci Fi Wire, “(he) is almost done with the script and am proud of it, but everything as far as the production date and that kind of thing won’t be decided until after this (is) over. And I fully support the strike.”

Avary described the movie, based on id Software’s 2001 World War II-based horror FPS, as “a World War 2 old movie of guys who are out on a mission, but this one will have the addition of monsters and horror and a lot of craziness all mixed together. We will start it when it is the right time.” He also said that he has researched the paranormal, the U.S. military and the Nazis as part of his preparation for the movie.

Avary’s previous credits include writing credits on True Romance and Reservoir Dogs, the Silent Hill movie adaptation, and Pulp Fiction, for which he won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay along with Quentin Tarantino.

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