Game controller manufacturer WolfKing has announced it will be releasing Girl Gamer versions of its Warrior gaming pad and Trooper mouse, designed specifically for the gentle sensibilities and ladylike grace of the feminine gamer.

The Girl Gamer Warrior will feature the same 54-key circular layout and USB 2.0 connectivity as the original Warrior gaming pad, but will include a Flamingo Pink accent gradient overlaying a black matte finish, with polished deep black audio keys. The Girl Gamer Trooper mouse will have the same Flamingo Pink accents on a 6.4 megapixel-per-second laser mouse with an 800-2,200 DPI range. Both devices provide the same high-end game control of the original WolfKing devices along with a distinctly feminine sense of style.

“Female gamers have an incredibly high set of standards when it comes to quality as well as design,” said WolfKing Director of Sales Bob Costlow. “You can’t just paint something pink and say it’s for girls. The Girl Gamer products give women access to fully functioning, hardcore gaming devices, but with an aesthetic touch.”

The new devices will be sold exclusively through Dell, with an MSRP of $34.99 for the Girl Gamer Warrior and $39.99 for the Girl Gamer Trooper. More information about WolfKing, including pictures of anthropomorphic wolves dressed like soldiers, go to the WolfKing USA website.

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