With Wolverine kicking the bucket this month, Spider-Man will be taking over his lead role in Wolverine & The X-Men.

So in case you haven’t heard, Wolverine’s going to die. We’d call that a spoiler but honestly, when Marvel’s currently running a mini-series called Death of Wolverine, it seems a bit silly to even bother. Any who, with the Marvel’s premier Canadian heading to what we’re sure will be a permanent grave, there have been some questions as to how certain series involving the character will be affected. Case in point, where do you take a series like Wolverine & The X-Men when the title character kicks the bucket?

The answer is that you give it to Spider-Man.

That, at least according to recent reports, is what Marvel plans to do. Rather than just end the series outright, Marvel will apparently be renaming the book this December and injecting everyone’s favorite web head into the lead role. The resultant book, dubbed Spider-Man & The X-Men, will follow Peter Parker’s exploits as the new guidance counselor at the Jean Grey Academy. The comic will be written by Elliott Kalan (The Daily Show) and illustrated by artist Marco Failla. Kalan, speaking about the new book, expressed his desire to hone in on the contrast between Spider-Man’s experience as a superhuman and the X-Men’s experience as a hated, separate race.

“He’s not a mutant, and though he may be a friend of the X-Men, he’s not a member of the family,” he said. There’s a lot of tension between mutants and an outsider whose true identity they can’t even know for sure. But before Wolverine died he made it clear he wants Spider-Man at the school, and he asked Spider-Man to go on a mission for him. Unfortunately, Logan also wanted the mission kept secret from the other X-Men, so all they see is Wolverine’s crazy pal inserting himself into their business.”

All in all, it’s certainly a novel way to keep the series going in the wake of Wolverine’s demise. That being said, time will have to tell if Kalan, Failla and Marvel are able to push passed mere novelty and deliver something genuinely worthwhile.

Source: Comic Book

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