“Is this 2013?” Andrew asks, as she dips a toe into the Twitterverse.

If you have a Facebook account, odds are you’ve seen I Fucking Love Science at some point, either because you went looking for it or because someone on your Friends list posted one of its many thought-provoking messages. Its owner and administrator, Elise Andrew, recently decided that Twitter was the place to be, so she opened up an account, posted a few Tweets, and then told her Facebook followers about said Twitter profile. Which has become a thing, because up until a few short hours ago, many of I Fucking Love Science‘s followers were unaware that Andrews was a she.

Mayhem ensued, as minds were blown. “EVERY COMMENT on that thread is about how shocking it is that I’m a woman!” Andrew Tweeted. “Is this really 2013?” It’s not as though Andrew kept her identity under wraps; she’s talked about herself in many other interviews. The data just hadn’t trickled down to Facebook.

Andrew has said she’s astonished by some of the Facebook comments, but it’s unlikely that the woman who fucking loves nudibranchs, Gallium, bat-eating spiders and – of course – science cake, will let this bother her for long. If you’re interested in the Twitter feed of someone funny who writes, sleeps, eats and breathes science, have a look over here.

Source: Facebook

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