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A Wonder Man TV show is in the works at Disney+, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, per Variety. Shang-Chi director Destin Daniel Cretton will executive produce and maybe direct the Wonder Man MCU series, and Andrew Guest will be the head writer and an executive producer. Cretton is also busy planning the Shang-Chi sequel, while Guest was a consulting producer on Hawkeye. Per Variety, Guest’s other projects have included comedies like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Community, and 30 Rock.

The character Wonder Man is actually Simon Williams, who develops ionic superpowers as a result of a crooked deal with Baron Zemo. Williams started off as an unwitting villain in the comics but ultimately became an Avenger. Like Shang-Chi, Wonder Man is not exactly a household name to non-comics readers, and it’s up to Marvel Studios to pull another Guardians of the Galaxy and endear an unfamiliar character to its audience. The character also has history with Vision in the comics that a TV series might want to dig up.

When the Wonder Man TV show comes to Disney+, it will be joining the likes of Moon Knight and, most recently, Ms. Marvel. Moon Knight pushed into slightly more abstract territory than the crowd-pleasing Hawkeye, and now Ms. Marvel is catering to a younger demographic while also introducing Muslim culture to the MCU.


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