Your all-Beyonce playlist may help you push through a tough workout, but is it scientifically proven to help you work smarter?’s music is. Get a lifetime subscription for $39 at Escapist Deals-that’s 80% off the regular price. knows that your favorite music isn’t always the right music for what you’re doing, so it uses AI and a ton of neurological research to create the best music for studying, sleeping, and relaxation. The result is an amazing audio productivity tool that writers, grad students, and expert nappers alike love. You can adjust it to play for 30 minutes, an hour, two hours, or indefinitely until you turn it off, and there are plenty of options within each category to suit your tastes – like beach relax, night sounds relax, thunder focus, electronic music focus, rain sleep, and underwater sleep (if underwater sleeping is something that sounds at all soothing to you).

Now’s your chance: get a lifetime subscription for $39 at Escapist Deals, highly marked down from the regular price of $199.99. But if a lifetime of better productivity is too much commitment, try a year for $19, or three years for $29 (see deal page for details).

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