Patch 7.1 brings with it a new raid-style 5-man dungeon: Karazhan, for those of you who enjoy more intimate end-game content.

In a developer Q and A, Blizzard revealed some info on its upcoming World of Warcraft patch 7.1 – Return to Karzhan, including its release date. The patch, which focuses on the return of popular raid Karazhan retooled as a “raid-like” 5-man dungeon, will hit on October 25.

The Q and A mostly focuses on upcoming balance changes, and is with World of Warcraft‘s new director, Ion Hazzikostas. Hazzikostas was named the new director this week, replacing Tom Chilton, who is moving to a mysterious new project within Blizzard.

As well as the Karazhan dungeon, patch 7.1 introduces a small new raid that’s supposed to bring the Stormheim story to an end, and adds some new outdoor Suramar content that’s part of the Nightfallen story.

Return to Karazhan is a dungeon available on Mythic difficulty and has 9 bosses. Being such a long and difficult dungeon, Blizzard hopes that players will tackle it with a raid-like mentality, in that a small group of friends will get together to try and kill two or three bosses a night.

It’s a nice alternative for players who like to play with their friends, but aren’t necessarily a part of a big enough guild to do the big raids.

Source: Blizzard

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