World of Warcraft Rap Says “Get Lich or Die Tryin'”


We may have seen Warcraft‘s Lich King’s ultimately defeated, but we haven’t seen him rock the house with lyrical fury … until now.


Yesterday, we caught a glimpse of the fate of the Lich King Arthas, Warcraft‘s main bad guy. Today, that fate is ultimately irrelevant, because Lich King or not, the Scourge can bust some white-hot rhymes with the best of them.

Featuring the lyrical talents of Convoke and with a music video by James van der Woerd, “Get Lich or Die Tryin'” is hilarious nerd rap at its finest. I’m not sure what amuses me more, the (rather clever) lyrics demonstrating a familiarity and affection for all things Warcraft, the visual imagery illustrating their puns, or just the simple idea of the Lich King being auto-tuned a la T-Pain.

The MP3 (and the shirts) are available here, and this just goes to prove that though the Lich King may be gone, he’ll live on in our hearts like the Boss he is. And in our music collections.

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