World of Warships Opens The Floodgates With Open Beta

World of Warships open beta is finally available to the public, complete with additional vessels and brand-new signal flags to display with them.

World of Warships is quite the hotly anticipated MMO at this point, being an online strategy game that expands the World of Tanks concept into naval warfare. Of course the problem with anticpated games is we’re always waiting for the dang things – this game has been in development for years and only reached closed beta last March. Thankfully, if you haven’t had the chance to experience the joys of commanding a digital ship alongside a larger fleet, the wait is over: Wargaming has opened up World of Warships is in open beta, complete with new ships and new features.

World of Warships‘ closed beta was strong out of the gate and showed no signs of slowing as players and streamers embraced the game, then took to the high seas for legendary naval combat,” Jake Neri, Publishing Producer of Wargaming NA explained. “Participation was solid and a community of passionate, dedicated players was born to help shape the game with their feedback. We can only match that by working on the game with just as much passion. Building on all of this enthusiasm we look forward to welcoming even more players into the Open Beta test for a game we are so proud of.”

World of Warships is a free-to-play, online wargame where players take part in naval battles using historical vessels. The open beta provides access to 10 maps where 24 captains can fight for supremacy using over 80 warships. Along with new Soviet and British ships, the open beta lets players try out a signal flag customization system. Each signal flag can be earned in battle and displayed on your ship, providing buffs like extra credits or experience points – along with the obvious decorative interests.

World of Warships‘ closed beta has already been a resounding success for Wargaming, bringing over 410,000 players to the game. An open beta will blow those floodgates open even further as the company gears up for an offical launch, ideally sometime this year. If you’re interested in experiencing the game for yourself, you can check it out from the official website.

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