Pokémon Black & White is going to take players worldwide, but not just to trade.

Details from a future issue of Japan’s Coro Coro Comics have leaked, revealing a new online play mode for Pokémon Black & White. The details also reveal a totally new professor, in more ways than one, and information on seven new Pokémon.

Pokémon Black & White will not only feature never before seen 3D graphics, but also a “Random Match” mode that connects players for online battling, accessed through the game’s Pokémon Center. When Pokémon Black & White are eventually released outside of Japan in spring 2011, this mode will allow for worldwide online play. This might not be the Pokémon MMOG fans have been clamoring for, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The new features don’t stop there. Pokémon Black & White will reportedly feature the series’ very first female professor. Professor Araragi has lady parts and will give players their starting Pokémon and Pokédex. She’s researching Pokémon in the Isshu region, just in case you were wondering.

Seven Pokémon to be featured for the first time in Black & White were also covered, including Munna, a “big pink beach ball,” Shimama, whose lightning attack is so powerful it’ll even harm itself, and Professor Araragi’s prized Chirami, a Chinchilla Pokémon with giant ears. The other four Pokémon and more details are available over at Andriasang, with scans available at Pokebeach

Via: Andriasang
Image via: Pokebeach

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