Would You Like a Game With That?


What do Burger King and McDonalds have in common, aside from the obvious? The answer is, they’ve both released videogames, and they’re not the only ones.

Here’s a question for you all, what makes food seem more delicious or a beverage more refreshing? You guessed, make it into a game, because nothing says flavor quite like a weird tie-in product.

Topless Robot have kindly collected ten of the most egregious examples of the ‘corp-em-up’, complete with videos. The games range from the ‘really rather good’ Cool Spot for the Genesis/Mega Drive to the ‘I can’t quite see the connection here’ Mick & Mack: Global Gladiators and the Japanese only Pepsiman.

Thankfully, the tie-in game seems to be a dying breed, despite the best efforts of Burger King, but in my humble opinion, that’s really only because we have in-game advertising now.

Oh, and for all the people in Europe and Australia who don’t remember Cool Spot being a tie-in game, all the branding was removed from it for the PAL region.

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